COVID-19 fear causes doctors to create wills

The challenges of COVID-19 have put medical practitioners to the ultimate test as they are in direct contact with the virus. This is something that would unnerve almost anyone so it’s no surprise that doctors are drafting their wills. Being in such proximity to the virus puts them at risk of contracting COVID-19and with the numbers of cases increasing, doctors are getting concerned about their future. It’s no secret that the American HealthCare system has been struggling with the overwhelming number of people testing positive for the COVID-19. Many health institutions don’t necessarily have the capacity for an influx of COVID-19 patients. Medical practitioners are at the frontline of this battle against COVID-19. The effects of the virus has many doctors extremely worried as they see first hand how this virus affects their patients.

Watching people suffer and die for the virus everyday will take a toll on anyone and have them extremely worried about their own future. Most doctors are used to the image of death and probably in the most gruesome way, however, the mental health of doctors has been a great concern even before the COVID-19 outbreak. According to an article published by Washington Post, the suicide rate amongst doctors is twice the number of the general population.

There are signs that this epidemic could increase those numbers. On a day to day basis the life of a medical practitioner is already difficult as you have to stay on for 24 hours. These long hours coupled with an enormous amount of stress can be detrimental to anyone’s mental health. Medical practitioners across the United States are struggling to cope with the outbreak as nothing could’ve prepared them for such an infectious virus.

Many medical practitioners are anxious about getting sick while helping patients and this is why many are opting to create wills. Medical practitioners are used to being in contact with death and many might have numb themselves to it but most of them are not used to the alarming rate their patients are dying. Most of them are worried that the death toll will increase and surpass that of Italy. This increasing death rate around the world has many people scared but doctors are most vulnerable as they are constantly in contact with infected patients.

It’s no surprise that they have fears of catching the virus and are making the necessary arrangements for any of these possibilities. No one can predict when they are going to die but with the rising death toll of COVID-19 becomes a reality for most families that it is almost impossible to leave everything to chance. Doctors need to worry about the futures of their family members and that is why they are making the necessary precautions by creating wills. It is a grim reality for doctors all over the world dealing with this pandemic. Nothing in the past could have prepared medical practitioners for the sad realities of COVID-19 and its effects. Many people don’t understand the risk these medical practitioners take for the greater good of society. Many are also not aware of how detrimental this pandemic is for their mental health. Death is constantly reminding these medical practitioners that anything is possible and tomorrow is not guaranteed.

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