District of Columbia Last Will & Testament Information

A last will in the District of Columbia allows the testator to generate a trust for any person of their choosing, make a gift to charity, state a legal guardian for minors, and make a pet trust, including provisions to care for the animal after the death of its owner. 

District of Columbia Last Will & Testament includes the following requirements:

  • The testator must be of legal age. 
  • They must also be of ‘sound mind’.​
  • The Will must be signed by the testator or by someone else in their name (provided it is done under the testator’s direction and in their presence).​
  • The signing of the Will requires at least two witnesses in order to make it valid. The witnesses should not be beneficiaries.​
  • Another requirement to make the Will valid is that it must be in written format.

​​The District of Columbia also officially recognizes nuncupative (oral) wills made by a person in actual military or naval service or a mariner at sea under certain circumstances.

Click here if you have any questions about creating a last will in the District of Columbia.


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