State Differences When Writing A Will

It is vitally important that your will and testament forms are drawn up specifically for the state in which they are executed. This is because laws governing last will and testaments vary according to state. It is you who dictates who you wish to benefit from your will, however, the legal document must be compliant with the laws of the state in which it is executed for it to be valid.

Moreover, if you move to another state, you should update your will to make sure it is compliant with the laws of the new state. Individual states may differ on how they govern:

  • Who can make a will.

  • The requirements of witnesses, and who can be counted as a witness.

  • How wills are executed.

  • How and when a will can be revoked.

  • How events such as divorce can affect wills.

  • Situations when a will may be voided.

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