USA Will Guru features on the Winter Texan Times

Our latest in-house digital campaign provided state advice on why you shouldn’t panic write a will during the lockdown and featured on the Winter Texan Times: “Texans advised that ‘panic writing’ wills could lead to critical errors”

“As has been widely reported, the spread of Coronavirus across America has led to a skyrocketing demand for wills, even for those who aren’t senior citizens. Some online estate planning platforms have reported an increase of almost 150% week-over-week enquiries and predict an even larger uptick as the Coronavirus spreads from cities to small towns.

However, a leading will and testament expert has warned that Texans should not rush their estate planning in a panic. Martin Brieger, of, a website dedicated to providing free and impartial advice on wills and testaments, says: “In moments of panic, it can be easy to overlook small details which later on could have a big impact on your beneficiaries, and yourself. The laws around wills are complex, and the stakes are very high. You could accidentally disinherit a loved one, or make the whole document void.”…”

Read the article in full here!

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