featured on USA Today

Our latest public relations campaign featured on national publication USA Today in a news round up across all 50 states – specifically for the state of Utah. The valuable brand mention in the article is great for boosting our awareness!

The study surveyed 5,000 divorcees which found that 12% of Utahns have included their ex-spouses in their wills.The survey also asked divorcees if they had experienced an amicable breakup, and it was revealed that Nevadans were the least likely to go through a harmonious breakup with only 15% saying they ended their relationship amicably. Comparatively, Utahns had the highest percentage of amicable breakups in America with a whopping 79% of respondents saying this was the case.

You can see a breakdown of results across America with our interactive map:

And you can read the whole article on USA Today here.

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Bank of Mom & Dad See the table below for % of 21-39 year olds who have relied on parents financially since the start of