USAWillGuru feature on FOX 47 News

Almost half of Michigan divorces end on good terms, study says.

We put together a campaign that looked at how amicable divorces are across the U.S. The campaign was very successful and featured on FOX 47 News which you can read here!

In life, circumstances change over time – as do the people in it. You will go through friendships ending, break-ups or divorces and this could interfere with your plans when deciding to whom you will leave your estate in the event of your death. It may seem somewhat redundant to bequeath your stuff to your ex but in many circumstances, this might be the most convenient case. Perhaps you have children together or spent decades as spouses before breaking it off, or maybe you have simply chosen to remain friendly in one another’s lives. Whatever the reason, sometimes your past is part of your present.

Bank of Mom & Dad

Bank of Mom & Dad See the table below for % of 21-39 year olds who have relied on parents financially since the start of