Using a Lawyer to Write My Will.

Lawyers are the experts, which is why this is the most expensive option. It will, however, give you most peace of mind, especially if your

Do I use a lawyer to create my will?

These are regulated and offer more protection for you as a client. You don’t necessarily have to use a lawyer, but wills are legal documents,

What is a Last Will & Testament?

A Last Will and Testament is a document which states clearly who you choose to inherits your assets. It also allows you to select guardians

Why you should write a will

After you are deceased, your money, possessions and property make up your estate. Your will instructs what should happen to these items in the event

Can I Write My Own Will?

Templates for DIY wills are easy to find but it’s not always the best option to write one on your own. In theory, you could

How a Retirement in Europe Can Be Affordable

Despite common assumptions about costs being high, a retirement in Old World Europe can, in fact, be affordable—indeed, it’s possible to enjoy a higher quality

The Will Writing Process

There are several ways of getting your will written. Here’s what to expect and how to choose which is right for you: Even if you

Why You Should Write A Will

After you are deceased, your money, possessions and property make up your estate. Your will instructs what should happen to these items in the event

State Differences When Writing A Will

It is vitally important that your will and testament forms are drawn up specifically for the state in which they are executed. This is because

Planning What To Leave In Your Will

Think about the value of your estate and who will get what. Define the basics of your plan before visiting a lawyer or perhaps discuss your

Choosing The Best Representative For Yourself

Why is choosing a representative important? Estate planning is a very important process, but your estate plan can become redundant without someone to represent your

Safely Storing Your Will Document

If something were to happen to your will, or your executor does not know where to find the document, it is pointless having written one.

The demand for wills in New York

During these uncertain times in lockdown, estate lawyers across New York are spotting a rise in number of those reaching out to them to write

A new reality, people race to finish wills

On April 8, Gov. Doug Ducey signed an executive order that makes it legal for estate planning documents to be notarized remotely using audiovisual technology

USA Will Guru featured on HPE News

Our latest advice piece on panic writing wills featured on HPE News. The last thing American’s want to do right now is panic write a

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Our latest release featured on El Pregonero! Planning your estate is not a pleasant discussion for any person, however, it is a necessary one. With

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Our latest release featured on WGAU Radio advising those in lockdown not to panic write their wills. Doing so may lead to critical errors within

Things to consider amidst COVID-19 pandemic

There are few things to consider during the coronavirus outbreak and those things include the formalities of your will. Death is something that no one

Things you may not know about wills

Drafting a will is super important as it is a way to take care of your family once you pass away. Creating a will takes

The evolution of creating a will

The practice of creating a will dates back to Ancient Greek times and varied across different places. Some states allowed common men to dispose of

You don’t need to be rich to have a Will

According to an article published by Market Watch, about 70% of Americans have neglected writing their wills. There are a few reasons why Americans feel

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Almost half of Michigan divorces end on good terms, study says. We put together a campaign that looked at how amicable divorces are across the featured on USA Today

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The cost of a divorce in the US

A divorce can end up being a significantly costly process – typically over $10,000 but this varies in every state. While there are numerous concerns

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Almost half of Michigan divorces end on good terms. Our latest digital campaign featured on Michigan news site WXYZ – you can read the article

5 Biggest Mistakes When Writing a Will

By Paige Webbstock, Staff Writer. By now you know that having a last will and testament is a certain way to ensure your wishes are

‘Til death do us (not) part.

In life, circumstances change over time – as do the people in it. You will go through friendships ending, break-ups or divorces and this could

‘Til death do us (not) part.

In life, circumstances change over time – as do the people in it. You will go through friendships ending, break-ups or divorces and this could

Money remains the biggest conversation taboo

Money is a bigger taboo than sex, religion or politics, according to a survey by one of the world’s largest independent financial advisory organizations. In

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The Will Guru recently featured on The Sentinel in an article about the financial challenges facing young Utahns in the future.

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What if I don’t have a will?

If this is the case, you should think about creating a will document as soon as possible. Dying without a final will is called ‘dying

Can I change a will?

Many people opt to change their wills when their financial situation changes, or when they have children or grandchildren. Depending on the type of change

Why should I write a will?

Three main reasons you should make a will:​ 1. It makes things far easier for your friends or family to deal with the administrative process

Bank of Mom & Dad

Bank of Mom & Dad See the table below for % of 21-39 year olds who have relied on parents financially since the start of