Using an Online Or Face-to-Face Will Writing Service

These services can be cheaper than a lawyer and more credible than writing your own, but ensure you use one that’s legitimate and accredited.

Face-to-face will writing services:

In this instance, a will writer typically will make an appointment to meet with you.

They will speak to you about your personal and family circumstances, such as:

  • Your assets.
  • Who you would like to act as your executor(s).
  • To whom you will allocate your estate ie. who will benefit under your and how.

Once they understand what it is you want, they will draft your will document for you.

Online will writing services:

With this option, you visit a website and answer questions about your Will. Once you’re finished the service sends you a draft document via email or post for you and your witnesses to sign. Some online services will also have a telephone hotline to answer any questions you might have, or a specialist will writer you can chat to before you start.

Should you use a will writing service?

This type of service could potentially be a good choice if you:

  • Understand the basics of will writing but want a little extra advice.
  • Want a more affordable option than using a lawyer.
  • Your document will be relatively simple.

Pros and cons of using a will writing service


  • It’s more often than not, cheaper than using a lawyer.
  • Online services allow you to get on at your own pace.
  • Face-to-face will writers typically visit you at home at a time that is convenient for you.
  • There is a vast choice of companies who offer these services.


  • Will writers aren’t regulated in the same way that lawyers are, so you won’t have the same legal protection if someone were to go wrong.
  • Not many will writers have full legal qualifications, however, if they are a member of a recognized trade body, they’ll have trained in estate and will planning.
  • They may not have the ability to store your will securely.

If you are considering using a will-writing service, be aware that it is not a regulated market. Therefore, there are multiple different ways to get your will done but the protection that you have in case something goes wrong is largely variable, depending on who writes it. 

When it comes to non-lawyer will-writing services, you do not have the same sort of protection as you would if it was written by a lawyer, of course. And with a DIY will, you are completely on your own in terms of safety. 

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